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Don't work, play dirty, be bitchy, forget the others

A Nashoba Brooks Community

We Are Not Lesbians
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OK, so this is a community for graduates (or current students, perhaps?) of Nashoba Brooks School in Concord, Massachusetts. We're all girls, fourth grade through eighth grade...yes I know, how exciting. And basically, we've all been through hell, for however many years we went. Actually, not all of it was bad...pretty much everyone makes amazing friends, and has good teachers and things like that. But then, there are the bad sides...heavily chaperoned dances (the ONE occasion girls and boys mingle), German science teachers who talk to themselves, heads of school who use the same speeches for decades at a time, and catfighting girls...ahh, Nashoba...where would we be without it?

This community is moderated, so you have to request membership. We'll most definitely let you join, even if you don't (or didn't) go to Nashoba and are interested in the past workings of an all girls school...but we'll have to do a background check...just kidding. Maybe we'd just have you answer some questions and things like that.
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