fascinated by thorns (xinghwy) wrote in dancelikeabird,
fascinated by thorns

hi diddly dee. a nanny's life for me.


I just want to puclibcly... publsicly... um I want to thank in front of an audience two very special people for wanting to be references for me when i look for a new job. (I should also mention that these two people are about as far away from each other as it's possible to get on the socio-cultural spectrum we belong to. Duly noted. Thank you.)

Let's hear it for ROSIE and KAY COWAN!!! (Let's hear WHAT?, mutters the audience. Sorry kids, you're old enough to solve that one for yourselves now. Carry on.)

And there you are. For that matter, here I am. Perhaps in search of a family once again. (The one I have fails to appreciate me sufficiently. Boo hoo.)

If my story touches you, please print out and use the free ASCII tissue below, at no cost to you!

| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
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even the tissue came out broken.... FIE!! CUREL FATE!*

*note: not Curel actually